This database offers information on endemic plants of India with user friendly search facility and other tools for data access and further study, which is freely accessible.
    The endemic species are those taxa whose distribution is confined to a restricted area due to their specific ecological niches and edaphic gradients. Therefore, the habitats of endemic species are far more vulnerable than other species. Endemic species once lost, it is a loss of biodiversity of these species for ever. In India there are about 5725 endemic taxa of angiosperms (33.5% of Indian flora) which are located in 25 hot spots. The major hotspots in India which contain largest number of endemic plant species are the Southern Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas with 1286 and 1808 endemic species respectively. There are about 1272 species of endemic angiosperms out of 3800 species occurring in Kerala (33.5% of Kerala flora) which represent 22.6% of Indian endemics. Seventy percent of the 1272 species of endemics have the major areas of distribution in Kerala with spill overs in adjacent regions. On the basis of the study of the distributional range, about 102 endemic species occur exclusively in Kerala.